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Biti’s is proudly to be loved and trusted by Vietnamese generations as a “National Brand” with prestigious and high-quality products. During 38 years of development, the company always keeps its integrity and loyalty to the philosophy of “Embracing” in all of its business and branding strategies. Beginning from the tagline “Embracing Vietnamese footstep”, Biti’s strives to provide products and services that can ensure the best experiences for customers. This spirit is also reflected in the company’s core value of wholeheartedly “serving” its communities (customers, staff, partners, society) and gratefully “embracing” the beauty of Mother Earth. Therefore, investing in social and environmental protection programs is a must-do so that Biti's can support the society, minimize its impacts and preserve the surrounding environment.

This sense of responsibility not only comes from the Executive Board but also receives sympathy and contribution from every employee in the company. It can be said that this is what Biti's proud of most when having a community of nearly 10,000 people who always contribute to the spirit of selflessness flowing in the corporate culture.

This sense of responsibility not only comes from the Executive Board but also receives sympathy and contribution from every employee in the company

Biti's is currently focusing on initiatives in three main areas: (1) supporting underprivileged communities, (2) education and training, as well as (3) environmental protection, with the desire to build a good future for generations to come. Regarding the 1st and 2nd priorities, some major initiatives that we are proud of most are:

  • “Clean water for highlanders” project – started in 2016, Biti's cooperated with Journey of Youth (JOY), a local NGO, to organize annual volunteering trips for its employees to support ethnic minority groups in the highland area of Vietnam. This project focuses on building water filtration systems for the local community, providing them with basic necessities and helping them to improve the surrounding living environment. So far, Biti’s has delivered 11 water filtration systems (capacity of 400 liters/hour), served 11,500 people and gifted 3,650 presents to the beneficiaries.

“Clean water for highlanders” project 

  • “Embracing Vietnamese talents” annual scholarship – the 14-year-old program has awarded over 10.500 scholarships to Biti’s employees’ children as well as disadvantaged pupils and students in the communities that we are operating in. The funding for this activity is increasing year by year so that it can serve more children in needs in farther areas of the country.
  • “Happy School” project – this is an ambitious incentive of Biti’s to improve the Vietnamese education in terms of social an emotional learning. Started in 2018, the company supported Eurasia Learning Institute (ELI) to pilot an innovative educational approach in Hue Province. This project operationalizes the recommendations and framework presented by UNESCO, building on the latest scientific research and internationally tested best practices, to enhance the Happiness and well-being of the whole school community: students, teachers, parents and administrators. Until now, it has served over 9 high schools in Hue and received overwhelming supports from both the academic and general communities.
  • “Clean drinking water for low-income community” project – this is the firm’s newest effort in taking care of the health of low-income working families in Vietnam. Currently, the project is focusing on providing clean drinking water for Biti’s staff and their families, together with holding raising awareness campaigns and health training to people in needs.

“Clean drinking water for low-income community” project – this is the firm’s newest effort in taking care of the health of low-income working families in Vietnam

In addition to community support activities, contributing to nature conservation is also a top priority at Biti's. In recent years, the company has put efforts into improving its impact on the planet through some key programs as follows:

  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) emission estimation – with the support from partners and clients, Biti’s could estimate its GHG emission rate at about 374 kgCO2/pair in the first half of 2021. This result is gained from examining and evaluating the company’s operation at 4 major factories in Dong Nai, Tra Vinh, Long An and Can Tho provinces. From this, the company can set a concrete goal in developing effective and efficient carbon offsetting solutions.
  • Renewable energy - Rooftop solar system – installing rooftop solar power system at qualified factories is prioritized as the most efficient solution to generate renewable energy for using in the factories’ operation and production. The company is working with its partners to implement its first system at the end of 2021. Moreover, Biti’s is currently investigating opportunity to directly purchase power from renewable energy generators through the draft Circular on dPPA pilot program.
  • Implementing the Energy Efficient Program at factory – Biti’s is collaborating with GIZ – a prestigious NPO partner, in building and running a program to manage its factory’s use of energy. When the program is implemented, Biti’s expects to significantly reduce its energy waste, and hence, can lower GHG emissions and other pollutants.
  • Eco-friendly products and packaging – plain or recycled carton boxes and biodegradable plastic shopping bags (made from tapioca starch) are the most recent initiatives of Biti’s in improving its packaging solutions. In addition, the company is also reviewing the uses of packaging throughout its internal operation to cut down any unnecessary practices.
  • Afforestation and natural regeneration program – Biti’s believes in the self-healing ability of nature, through urban greening and forest preservation. As a result, reducing wastes and planting trees are the key activities that the company want to promote, in order to eliminate unhealthy impacts and create a nurturing environment for the nature to heal. Through trustworthy NPO partners such Gaia Nature Conservation and GreenViet Centre, the company has continuously supported a variety of tree planting and forest recreating projects in many parts of Vietnam.

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